Taking Care of Those Who Give

Self Plan

provides benefits for you and your tax dependents based on one donation of blood/blood products within a 12-month period. Benefits will be available for one year following your donation date. A second donation within the same 12-month period extends benefits to non-tax dependent family members as well.

Group Plan

provides benefits to members of a specific donor group, such as a business, religious, educational, or civic organization. When at least 25% of the group's membership donates blood/blood products within a 12-month period, all members and their tax dependents, regardless of whether they donated, are eligible for benefits for one year. If at least 40% of the group donates within a 12-month period, benefits extend to the members' non-tax dependent family members, parents, and siblings. If at least 50% of a group donates within a 12-month period, benefits extend to retired group members and their spouses.

Special Account

allows donors to give their donation credit to someone currently using blood products or who will be in the near future. Any Blood Alliance donor can choose to designate his/her donation credit to another individual, as long as The Blood Alliance has an account set up for that individual. Each donation is equal to a unit of blood transfused. For example: A 14-year-old girl is going in the hospital for a liver transplant. Her family asks The Blood Alliance to set up an account and a dedicated blood drive for her. Fifty people donate during the drive, and the teenager uses 45 units of blood during her transplant. The teenager's family will receive recipient benefits for each of the 45 units of blood transfused. The other five will remain in the patient's account for a 12-month period. If she does not need additional transfusions in the 12-month period, the five units will drop off, leaving a zero balance.

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